Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Above is the drawing on the board for my next piece. Its a fairly large piece compared to how i usually work. This is a baaad digital picture so sorry if you cant see it very well. Anyone who knows me knows that i am going to have fun with this one. I have good reference and alot of fun faces and poofy dresses to paint.

Thesis- I am doing book illustrations for a fairy tale called The Twelve Dancing Princesses by the Grimm brothers. I have dont a landscape and above is the first painting that did...i still plan to touch up a few things and get a better scan (there is major glare on it) but here it is so far

I drew these ladies on the train over to NYC to see the Van Gogh drawings show at the Met... you should be jealous my friends, it was an amazing show

here are a few sketches from my many sketchbooks :-)