Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ok, sooo I am still building up my childrens book portfolio. Most people that I talk to with experiance in the childrens book market like my style of work but want to see images of children and animals. Painting animals with human characteristics is not really me so I plan to focus on painting children intereacting with animals instead (which is how I came up with the idea for the last piece as well) These are the drawings I just finished for my next piece. I found a photograph of my younger sister at a farm where she went to camp. She was sitting face to face with these geese that were behind the fencing. I liked the body language in the picture and the fact that she got right down on the same level as the geese.

Above is the first drawing that I did...I thought it kind of looked a little like "ha ha, you are stuck in a cage"...sooo i changed the expression, I think it tells more of an interesting story anyways. Below is the final drawing in my sketchbook. I then projected the drawing onto the board which I am looking foward to painting tomorrow.


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Caleb Prochnow said...

BEAUTIFUL FACE-thanks for showing us the detail, by the way how did your show go? I was hoping you would post some pics of it.

Lisa Fields said...

Hello Caleb...Sad but true, I actually had some complications which prevented me from going to my own show opening. I never even got to see the show and it was up for a month...I have to go pick up the pictures soon (I didnt sell anything haha)