Thursday, October 12, 2006

WELL...I did get my portfolio back! I actually got to pass through security and go all the way up to the 20th floor where The New Yorker is located to pick it up. No more mailroom for me haha...of course I didnt get past the front desk but hey it was a step. Anyways a woman came out and gave me my portfolio and said nice work! But even better is when i looked inside my portfolio along with the standard printout note, there was a handwritten one where the art director gave me their direct contact info and said they were definetly going to keep me and mind and told me to keep them updated with new work! so thats excitng...we will see if anything comes of it. Anyways I posted a couple more sketches below. the last one is from Wallstreet where I met Larissa for lunch. I was sitting at a table right out side of the New York Stock Exchange...where real people work...!

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Edward Kinsella III said...

that sounds soooooo awesome. I am pumped!